Top 10 Unusual Attractions In Israel

Are you an adventurous person? These Israel Tour Operator will help you in satiating your adventurous cravings. We have listed a list of 10 unusual attractions in Israel that are a must visit for all tourists. Most of these places have a historical significance to them.

Beit Guvrin Caves 

These Caves are located in Ashkelon. These caves were built thousands of years ago for different purposes. These purposes include hideout places as well as burial sites. This historical significance gives this place a mystical aura.

Rosh HaNikra Grottoes 

These caves are located in Acre. The water inside these caves is beautiful blue color. This place can only be reached using the cable cars, which are the world’s steepest cable cars.


South East of Israel marks the presence of the majestic mountain fortress of Masada. This place is the site of one of the most dramatic revolts of the War between Jews and Romans. The Fortress situated here has its own historical significance.

Atlit Yam

These Neolithic ruins are submerged in water in Haifa. The tourists can swim around these ruins where many significant discoveries were made such as graves, wells, houses, and skeletons.

Judean Date Palm Methuselah 

This Tree is located in Ketura. These trees have been extinct for thousands of years. The tree in discussion here grew from a 2000-year-old seed.

Gan HaGat 

This wine press is located in Tel Aviv – Yafo. This wine press is hidden in an overlooked park. This wine press is approximately 2000-years-old.

The Mifletzet 

This children attraction is not a normal attraction. It was designed so that the children can get over their fear. This haunting and nightmarish children’s plaything are left grotesque.

Steinhardt Museum of Natural History 

This amazing museum is located in Tel Aviv – Yafo. This is Israel’s first ever museum which is dedicated to Natural History. Approximately 5 million specimens reside in this amazing museum.

Sha’ar HaGolan 

This Archeological site is located in Sha’ar Hagolan. It is the center of an extinct culture, the Yarmukian Culture. The people of this culture are responsible for building the first roads as well as the first pottery in Israel.

Beit Jann 

The village of Beit Jann has a historical significance. This village is populated by a religious minority. Some of the materials that are used in this village for building purposes are the ones that were used thousands of years ago.