Care For Your Bras The Right Way

Are you one of the lucky women who has found the correct bra size for themselves? You must really love lingerie shopping then, especially bras. If you haven’t found the right size for yourself, lingerie shopping must be tedious. Either way knowing how to take care of your bras doesn’t hurt.

How often should you wash your bras?

On an average, the life of a bra is 8 months after which it gets loose and loses its shape. The elastic gives out, and there isn’t as much support as is required. You can stretch this span a little more by washing your bras only once a week. Never wear the same bra for more than 2 days before washing.

Warm or cold water?

Wash your bras in water at room temperature. Hot water damages the elasticity of the bras. Bras are meant to be handled gently. Cold water will not remove the dead skin and flakes from your lingerie.

Does machine wash or hand wash?

What is better for your bras? It is hand wash. Bras are delicate, and they get roughed up in the washing machine. The elastic stretches out, and the bra loses its support. Some bras are more delicate than others like the ones with lace. You can use this one for comfort and daily use. It is easy to wash and maintain.

Apart from these main points to remember, there are a couple of other things you could do to make your bras last longer.

It is not possible to always wash your bras by hand; you will just throw the lingerie in the machine with the rest of the clothes eventually. You can take some preventive steps to minimize damage even in the machine

  • Wash your intimate clothes in a bag. Put all your bras in a bag and throw the bag in the machine with the rest of the clothes.
  • Never dry your lingerie in the dryer. Hang dry them. This is where the bag comes handy. After the wash cycle just pick out the bag before you pop the rest of the clothes in the dryer.
  • When you hang dry your bras, never hang them from the straps. This will make the straps lose from the weight of the cups. Hang your bras up to dry from the gore (the place where the cups meet in the middle).
  • Don’t mix colors. Wash your light colored lingerie together and the darks together. Follow the same principle for your clothes as well. This is just going one step further to take care of your clothes and increase their life.
  • If you’re washing your lingerie in the machine, then hook the straps. Hooks can damage other clothes.

If you decide to hand wash your lingerie, soak it in water at room temperature and soap, for a few hours before you wash. This will get rid of the sweat and grime, making it easier and quicker for you. Keep a stash of all-purpose bras ready in your closet for the weeks when you’re rushed off your feet. Now you’re ready to go!