Some Celebrity Beauty Secrets You Will Love to Know

Ever wondered how these celebrities look so beautiful At last, we get to have a look on beauty secrets of some celebrities. Their beauty secrets may surprise you, as they are much more than you would have imagined.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel, the famous star from the award-winning American movie Hitchcock, once articulated on the occasion of an interview that on her way to award shows and premiers, she would sit along with tissue papers beneath her armpits so that she would not spoil the fragile fabric of her dress because of sweat. She would then dispose of the tissues just afore stepping out of her car. She also said that nobody ever got to know of this. All she had to do was to fake it with a smile.

Halle Berry

This actress has her own secret for her anti-cellulite treatment, and that is ground coffee. Halle Berry believes that gentle exfoliation and caffeine assist in increasing the circulation of blood and also helpful in skin smoothening. This is the very reason she blends her body wash with ground caffeine.

Hilary Duff

Recently turned mom and an amazingly talented actress admitted on an occasion that she is into the habit of using refreshing spray moments afore she applies foundation. She repeats this procedure all day so that it lets her face shine.

Jessica Alba

This lovely mom and actress declared in an interview that curling your eyelashes is a must. She is not that fond of using mascara and says that she prefers using mascara only when she looks tired and her eyes look puffy, otherwise she always opts for a lash curler with a dab of mascara over the tips.

Kate Middleton

The wife of the Duke of Cambridge is said to have gone for pre-wedding bee venom facial. This facial was done by Deborah Mitchell who assures that it is an alternate route away from needles for a younger looking, freckled skin.

Lady Gaga

This famous lady is not only famous for her singing but also for her fleckless face. She uses a Sellotape(yes you heard it right, a sellotape) to remove all the flecks that remain on her cheeks after the makeup.

Rachel Bilson

This actress and guest editor currently said that she prefers the usage of Vaseline to do away with her makeup, and especially for eye makeup, as it is mild in nature.

Emma Stone

This actress, who has impressed us all with her acting skills in Spiderman, suffers from skin allergies which inhibit her from applying a lot of makeup. So she has found out a natural treatment for this. She applies grapeseed oil on her face in place of a moisturizer after every shower.

Taylor Swift

This versatile lyricist and singer narrated one of her experiences, in which she applied a sharpie in place of eyeliner. She was then travelling by air, and unluckily did not possess any eyeliner. The actress advises her fans not to use a sharpie ever for the purpose of lining your eyes.

Kim Kardashian

She gained stardom through a reality show titled Keeping up with the Kardashians. She is of the view that adding a teaspoon of sugar to her body wash helps her achieve a mild exfoliation for her body.

Sienna Miller

She admitted that whenever hair dye procedure goes for a toss, she applies ketchup to her hair to abolish the green tinge.


This celebrity prefers the use of baby skin care products and not adult SPF products to shield her gentle skin from the harsh sunlight.

Jennifer Aniston

Well, we all wonder as to how she looks 17 all the time. So here’s her secret! She applies a quarter teaspoon of Vaseline under her eyes so that she can avoid fine lines and wrinkles from cropping up.

Evan Rachel Wood

She is a huge fan of products containing olive extracts. She uses them to remove makeup and also applies them as the moisturizer.

Mariah Carey

This celeb is fond of combining mint extract with her lip gloss to give her a natural pout and cherry red lips.