How to Choose a Bowling Ball

Bowling is an exciting game if you know how to perform the best in the game. People from different countries love the game a lot. Here all your performance depends on the right ball. If you are new in the game, here I am going to share how to choose the right ball.

However, if you are not new in the game but you are doing bad in the game and want an improvement in the performance, then you should also read the guide.

Necessary Steps of Choosing the Right Ball

  • Choose the Right Weight

The first step to choose the best bowling ball is know the weight of the ball. Most of the experts suggest to use a ball with a weight of the 10 percent of your body. It can be up to 16 pounds. However, most of the pro bowler use a ball with a weight 16 pounds then they are performing well with the weight.

Another technique is to add one or two pounds extra weight with the ball which you use at home. This will help you to feel the main ball lighter and it will help you to do well in the game. However, with these techniques, you also need to know that a too heavy ball is not good at all.

  • Determine the Ideal Cover Stock

The cover stock is the main outline of the ball which you will use in the lane. The performance of the player hugely depends on this cover. The reaction of the ball in the lane depends on the cover. There are mainly three types of cover available for a bowling ball.

They are polyester (more commonly referred to as plastic), reactive resin and urethane. To find out which one is best for you, should try each type. You will find your type with few practices.

  • Choose Your Ball

Once you know the right weight for the ball and you also know which cover stock is ideal for you, pick the ball. You can purchase the best bowling ball from your local shops. There are different categories in each shop. Based on your requirement, pick yours.

If you wish to read some customer reviews about the product, then the best idea is to order from online. There are a huge collection in online sports stores. In each product detail, you will find the necessary information about the ball. Also, you will be able to read the customer feedbacks about the product.

  • Get it Drilled to Fit You

Several stores sell pre-drilled balls. But sometimes they don’t suit with the user. If you want to be sure that the ball will suit to you, you should visit a pro-shop near you to drill it. Perfect drilled ball helps the user to get the faultless performance each time.

However, some stores offer free drill or you may need to spend $30 for the drilling. After drilling the ball, try it and if you are feeling comfortable, it is okay to you.