How to Download YouTube Playlist

Sometimes for our different works, we need to download YouTube videos. There are various browser extensions and online methods to download a video. But most of them are not suitable to download a playlist. In a playlist, there may have hundreds of videos.

So, when you want to download them one by one, it will take a lot of time. Unfortunately, most of the users don’t have that passion and time for downloading each video individually. But, with a few essential software or online tools, you can do the work quickly.

There are different YouTube playlist downloader that will make it easy to download a full playlist without any hassle. Here I am going to share some methods to download a YouTube playlist.

Using Free YouTube Downloader Application by DVDVideoSoft

Though there are some paid tools for downloading YouTube playlists, but the best way you can follow is using free software. In that case, I will recommend this software which is developed by DVDVideoSoft. There are two different versions of this software. One is for the Windows PC, and the other one is for Mac.

For downloading a playlist, just download and install this free software. Now choose the playlist which you are going to download. It can be any playlist. Also, the number of videos have no limitation. However, after selecting the playlist, now copy the link.

You will find the playlist link at the top of your browser where you type a website address. Run the software on your pc. It will appear with a box where you can paste the link. Simply paste the link that you have copied from the browser. Now, click on the download button. The software will start downloading the videos of that particular playlist.

Using YouTube By Click

There is another popular software named YouTube by click. This one is also easy to use. Just download and install the software on your PC. Now, run the software on the PC. Choose the playlist that you want to download. Copy the playlist link from the browser address bar. Now paste the link into YouTube By Click.

This software will preview the list of the videos. You can mark all tracks or some particular tracks. Select the format that you want. You can select the video format. This software also allows YouTube playlist to mp3 download option.

So, choose the desired option and click download. It will download the selected videos in the format that you picked.