Why Embroidery Deserves More Attention As An Art Form

Come what may, as many fashion trends have come and gone, one thing is here to stay, and that is embroidered merchandise. It is something that has been appealing to the masses since before the advent of contemporary fashion and has firmly established itself as much more than a mere fashion statement.

Embroidery, for many, is now an expression of art and culture for handicraft enthusiasts. It has made its way out of the closet and has settled in various corners of households in the form of house accessories, homemade presents, badges, etc. Keep reading to find out the top embroidery stitches in current times!

  1. Split Stitch Pattern

Several types of stitches are slightly more advanced than your standard running stitch and back stitch like the split stitch. The finished pattern looks like a tiny chain of yarn which gives the patch much more dimension. It is perfectly suited for floral patterns as it gives a nice and aesthetic flow to the overall design.

  1. Stem Stitches

Since we are on the subject of floral designs, the stem stitch will also come in handy. It is especially ideal for straight lines as well as curved ones making it easy and convenient to master in a short period, specifically for beginners and novice learners.

  1. Satin Stitching

As made evident by the name, satin stitching is used mainly to fill in patterns formed by a straight/running stitch in patchwork. It allows for a perfectly smooth finish along with a bright sheen that complements the design well and makes it significantly more aesthetic.

  1. French Knots

Now, this is a type of stitch that is fairly uncommon, especially among beginners. It is used to fill in minute details and create tiny, fluffy and rounded puffs for small flowers. However, it is in no way only limited for floral designs, as you can always apply this stitch whenever you want to make your design stand out.


Now that you know some essential embroidery stitches, you can now create your custom patchwork and even put it up for sale in an embroidered patches store or an online store. Moreover, you can make your website and turn it into a little business as well and soon you’ll realize that embroidery can be so much more than you might’ve imagined!