4 Tips to Buy Your First Fur Coat

As the popular phrase goes ‘winter is coming’ but the important question is ‘are you ready for winter?’ Your winter wardrobe should be able to weather the cold and at the same time keep your fashion statement on-point. The classic fur coat is bound to do just that for you.

While all fur coats are fashionable and have a special appeal, we have a few points that’ll help you make the right investment.

1. Understand the Quality of the Fur

Similar to jewelry, there are various quality grades of fur in the market. So depending on your budget and needs you can find one that matches your requirement. While fox furs are known to be the warmest, you can also select from beaver, chinchilla and mink depending on the type of fur you prefer.

Fur coats can have long, silky fur or thick tufts depending on the animal from which the fur is sourced. The look and feel also affects the price of the fur coat. The most expensive fur coats are made with chinchilla, mink or sable furs, while the more commonly used affordable fur coats are made with rabbit or possum furs.

2. Don’t Fall for the Fakes

Check with known sources like your friends and family or even online reviews to buy from well-known established brands. This way you can be sure that your fur coat will be up to the mark when it comes to quality. Low-quality fur can be a real disappointment. Not only will the fur feel overtly stiff, but even the insides will be patchy and powdery if it’s old and of poor quality.

Do a simple test by wearing the coat, feeling the fur and turning it inside out to inspect the inner lining. With these simple checks, even a novice will be able to identify bad quality fur. Another way to check authenticity is a fire-test. Pluck a thread and place it under a flame. If it burns like hair it’s authentic, however, if it melts like plastic you know it’s a fake.

3. Buy from a Reliable Brand

Buying from a reliable, well-known fur coat seller will give you the satisfaction that you’ve invested well. Not only will you feel good when you wear your coat, you can also be assured that they’ll be able to fix stains, damages and even do an annual upkeep if required. Also, in case you decide to sell your fur coat in the future these brands will be more than willing to buy it back from you.

4. Consider Going Vintage

Vintage fur coats that have been restored by fur coat restoration companies are a great alternative if you have an eye for classics. Most of these coats have been restored by professionals with great care, and look and feel, new while they give you that vintage look. And the best part is these coats are much more affordable than you think.

Now that you know what you should look out for, go ahead and make that purchase. You’re sure to enjoy the look and feel of your fur coat, like no other piece of clothing in your wardrobe.