Why Do Children Get put into Foster Care?

It is unfortunate that children get separated from their parents but also necessary. When children don’t get the love and care they deserve they are put into foster care where someone can care for them and give them the love and affection they deserve.

There are a lot of reasons that can place a child in foster care. If the local authority decides that the child is growing up in unfavourable conditions, they will place the child in foster care. Just like no child is the same, no case is the same and each case needs individual attention.

It is a myth that either the parents or the child is always at fault, sometimes it’s just the situation which spirals out of control and there is no option but to put the child in foster care till it is resolved. Tahir Khan from PerpetualFostering.co.uk says that every 20 minutes, another child will be put into foster care.

Unstable Periods

Sometimes a family goes through hard times and they need some time to sort out their problems. These problems could range from financial constraints, medical complications, substance dependencies and family fall-outs.

This time is especially traumatising for a child who doesn’t understand the depth of the problems and may end up internalising everything. It is imperative to send the child to a stable environment in these cases.


If a child is exposed to mental, physical, sexual, emotional abuse and neglect, they are placed in a better environment where they can grow up like normal children. Such children need extra love and affection to get over their traumatic past. Children have very tender minds and have to be handled gently. To ensure that a child gets the best childhood and care

Special Care

Special children have very different needs from the rest of the children. Caring for them is exhausting and most parents aren’t equipped to handle their needs. Parents need some respite from all the confusion and frustration that comes with being all at sea when it comes to handling children with special needs.

In such cases too child fostering authorities place these children under the care of experienced foster parents who are aware of and experienced with the needs of special children.

Knowing that the children in foster care aren’t from normal families, as a society we should feel like making it up to them. If you feel like fostering a child today, and have the means to, give the local foster care agency a call.

They will make you feel comfortable with the entire process and train you to take care of these children who are just in need of a loving home. These agencies also check up on you time to time and help you cope up. They are committed to giving children a good home and are with you throughout the process.