Get to Know How Face Massage Can Help You Fight Natural Wrinkles

Most people become quite horrified when they see wrinkles beginning appear on their face. In desperation, they turn to different remedies to try to remove the wrinkles. Common remedies include creams, lasers, facial masks and facial cleansers. Unfortunately, most of these seldom work, and when they do, the results are often short-lived. The reason they fail is that they do not tackle the root causes of wrinkles.

Generally speaking, the causes of wrinkles can be broadly divided into two categories: physiological and psychological. The physiological causes, according to the Jons Hopkins Hospital dermatologist, Dr. Luis Garza, are “sluggish circulation, loss of skin elasticity, loss of subcutaneous fat and a disturbance in muscle tonus”. The psychological roots are chronic worrying as a result of prolonged stress, anxiety or depression.

Any remedy for fighting wrinkles needs to tackle these root causes. One of the best natural ways of removing facial wrinkles is face massage. Face massage is perfect because it deals with each of the root causes of wrinkles, as explained below:

  • Face massage can restore the normal levels of blood circulation to the face. This helps to eliminate any wrinkles which are caused by sluggishness facial blood. Such sluggishness is usually caused by a constriction of facial blood vessels thereby greatly limiting the circulation. According to Dr. Luis, “the different facial massage strokes can de-constrict the blood vessels thus restoring the normal circulation in the face.” The blood fills up any crevices caused by the wrinkles, thereby causing the wrinkles to disappear.
  • Face massage can also cause the skin to become tighter, more elastic and taut. This fights off wrinkles which are caused by a loss of skin elasticity. When the skin loses its elasticity, it begins sagging and becomes flabby thus leading to wrinkles. Dr. Wilma Bergfield, the former Chairwoman of the American Academy of Dermatology, told Vogue Magazine that “scientific studies have shown that face massage can prevent or reverse facial sagging”. Other experts explain that it accomplishes this by stimulating the skin to produce new cells which make it tighter and more elastic.
  • A face massage can cause the facial muscles to become firmer and well-toned. This makes it a perfect remedy for wrinkles which are a result of the weakening of facial muscles. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, wrinkles are sometimes caused by the loss of tonus of the facial muscles. This results from the repeated use of the muscles, thus causing them to droop and sag. A face massage can cause the muscles to regain their firmness. Studies have proved that massage can stimulate the body to produce new tissues. When applied to the face, it stimulates muscles to produce new tissues, thus causing them to become more compact. This, in turn, causes the muscles to become firmer, thus eliminating the wrinkles.
  • A face massage can stimulate the production of subcutaneous fat in different parts of the face. This type of fat is deposited just below the skin and plays a significant part keeping the smooth and toned. The fat can disappear with age, or due to certain medical conditions thus causing the skin to sag, leading to wrinkles. Medically, the loss of facial fat is referred to as facial lipodystrophy (LD). A 2012 study carried out in the Hospital da Lagoa in Brazil found that patients who suffered from severe LD experienced significant increases in fat facial fat deposits. In certain cases, the sagging and wrinkles which were caused by the LD disappeared completely.
  • A face massage can also play a significant role in eliminating wrinkles which are caused by psychological problems. Studies have shown that people who are chronically worried tend to develop wrinkles relatively faster. Therefore, conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression can lead to the development of such wrinkles. When combined with other types such as hot stone, Swedish or the hong kong massage, face massage can help in eliminating this kind of wrinkles. This is because it causes the facial muscles to relax, and therefore wearing off any signs of anxiety or worry. Several studies have shown that massage can eliminate psychological problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. One such study was published in the Journal of Alternative And Complementary Medicine in November 2012, and another study was published in the same journal in March 2005. By eliminating the psychological roots of wrinkles, massage can contribute towards removing the wrinkles altogether.

In a nutshell, face massage is the most effective means of naturally getting rid of wrinkles. It is perfect because stimulates the body’s natural regeneration mechanism to remove the wrinkles. As such, its effect is much longer. Besides just removing wrinkles, face massage also improves the health, tonality, and smoothness of the facial skin. Ultimately, it leaves one’s face looking youthful, vibrant and attractive.