How Laser Techniques Can Improve Your Appearance

Without realizing it, we have got used to the fact that lasers can do almost everything. They are able to meet our expectations in cases when we urgently need to do something important for the exterior look improvement. For example, if you want to tear off the mask of age. Laser ray copes with the hated wrinkles and skin defects quickly and efficiently. Skin polishing procedure with the help of modern equipment is specially designed for those people who want to look younger but are afraid of plastic surgery. Smooth, glowing skin, sparkling eyes and a new sense of life – nothing will give up your age!

Negative Factors That Affect Your Skin State

Almost every woman is upset with a face, neck and decollete zone skin aging, an occurrence of wrinkles and deepening of nasolabial folds, increased pigmentation, freckles and enlarged pores and other skin defects. Signs of aging do not appear overnight – deep changes in skin structure are preceded to skin condition deterioration.

Merciless sun, atmospheric pollution, stress and other factors shorten the time of our skin youth. Presence of age signs, various defects on the skin like illness markings, and what is the most important, the fear of surgical methods are objective motivations to this kind of rejuvenation and aging signs reduction.

Advantages of Laser Skin Resurfacing

This method of skin polishing allows a surgeon to affect sagging skin with wrinkles selectively and then form young and healthy skin tissue. Compared with other types of skin peeling, such treatment method is safe and suitable for patients with any skin type that does not require a long recovery, has no side effects and is quite comfortable.

A laser is effective in solving many problems of both young and aging skin. This is the only technology, which allows a surgeon to work on delicate areas – skin around the eyes, neck, and breast safely and gently.

About Rejuvenation Procedure

The duration of treatment procedure depends on the size of treated areas. Usually, it lasts no more than 30-40 minutes. A number of treatment sessions depends on patient problems and his subjective feelings. Usually, 1-3 procedures are performed with an interval of 3-6 months. Aesthetic effect is accumulated from procedure to procedure and preserved for 3 – 5 years.

The result of procedure is improvement of structure, color, tone of skin, normalization of skin blood supply, strengthen of blood vessels walls, improvement of exchange processes in skin deep layers, restoration of protective barrier function of skin, pores narrowing and wrinkles reduction, restoration of skin elasticity, removal of cosmetic skin defects, elimination of age sagging, roughness and swelling, formation of perfect face oval and body contour correction. Aesthetic result is complete skin rejuvenation and 5-8 years younger look.

The advantages of laser skin correction are evident. This procedure is painless, safe, effective and comfortable enough. It results in rejuvenation of the whole collagen and elastin skin skeleton with minimal invasiveness and short-term rehabilitation. It is suitable for all skin types, you can treat any part of face and body without risk of complications.

It is an effective solution to many aesthetic problems, including wrinkle and other aging signs reduction in 30 minutes. This new method of rejuvenation is especially recommended for those patients who are afraid of surgical rejuvenation or want to delay the time of plastic surgery.