How to Brush Dog Teeth

A dog requires different health cares to stay healthy. One of the most important parts is cleaning the teeth of the dog. When the dog takes foods, various particles of food stuck to the teeth of the dog. If you don’t clean them regularly, it may cause several health diseases to your dog.

So, clean the teeth in the right manner. However, most of the people don’t know how to brush dog teeth properly. Here I am going to share the detailed guide with necessary steps.

Necessary Instruments

  • Dog toothbrush or gauze.
  • Dog toothpaste or soda.
  • Water

Steps of Cleaning the Teeth

Find the Right Time:

Select the right time for brushing the teeth of the dog. You can set your handy routine which you will follow every day. Make sure that it will be possible for you to maintain the routine. No matter if you choose any of the time of the day. You can use a three days per week routine for the brushing.

Choose the Position:

Choose the right position for the brushing. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to do the task. You can use a sitting position for you and a standing condition for the dog. Make sure that the dog is staying in a comfortable position. You can sit in front of the dog or side of the dog for easiness.

Get the Gums Ready:

Test your dog’s ability to have you touch her mouth. You can check it by rubbing your finger along her upper gums and teeth. Also, it helps the dog to get used to with the brushing process. Be sure that the dog is remaining comfortable with your finger.

Test the Tooth Paste:

Like men teeth, a dog also has sensitivity. So, before using a toothpaste for the teeth, you should test with a small amount. If you see the dog is easy with the taste of the toothpaste, it is a green signal for you that you can use the toothpaste for it. If there are some difficulties with the flavor, use a different flavor which will suit it. It may take some days to finally know that it is actually habituated with the flavor or not.

Try the Tooth Brush:

Now, try the toothbrush on her teeth gently, making it easy for the dog and don’t force. Gradually it will be comfortable with the brush. If you find difficulty with the toothbrush, use some gauge by wrapping it in your hand.

Use a Circular Motion:

Make a circular motion of the toothbrush to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the brushing. Use the brush at both top and bottom. In first few times, you may notice some blood in the gums. But no need to be worried if the dog is not reacting to it. Also, change the angle of the brush to give a comfortable feeling for the teeth.

Clean with Water:

Though it is necessary for the dog, you should use some water. Otherwise, the dog may get a bad taste in the food.