How to Clean Floor Tile – A Detailed Guide for You

If you want to stay healthy and want to avoid any disease, then the cleanliness is the best way. Though give importance for cleaning different things of home, but we take less care of the floor. As a result, sometimes harmful bacteria grow in the joints of tile. If you don’t know how to clean the floor tile, then it is not possible to clean it entirely.

So, here I am going to share a step by step guideline. Hope you will understand how to follow the instructions.

Necessary Instruments

So, let’s see what the required tools to clean a floor tile are. You will have to use-

  1. A vacuum Cleaner
  2. Mop with durability
  3. Warm Water
  4. Soft Fabric
  5. Disinfectant from a Good Brand

Steps of Cleaning Floor Tile

Step 1:

The first thing which you should do is clean all the dust from the floor. For this process, use a good vacuum cleaner with efficient power.

Run the vacuum cleaner on the floor smoothly. If the vacuum cleaner is well powered, it will remove, food crumbs, loose dirt and other pieces of debris that can gather on tile floors. If you don’t remove them properly, it can make some disturbance for further cleaning.

Step 2:

Now it is the time to use the mop on the floor. Take the warm water in a container from where you can use water with the mop. Now wet the mop in the warm water and run it on the floor. Running a wet mop over the floor will be enough to keep it clean.

After mopping one of the sections of the room, clean the mop with fresh warm water. Now use the reserve warm water to clean other parts. Make sure that the mop is durable and reaching all the spaces. If there are some narrow space like under the furniture, then give importance in those sections.

You can add some dish soap to the warm water for a better result. Mopping the floor will make it shiny like new.

Step 3:

If you have done above two things completely, now it is time to dry the floor for next step. Well, to dry the floor, you can use different types of fabric. But you will get the best result if you can use a towel which absorbs the water very faster.

You can either use some cotton fabric for drying the floor. No need to move the fabric hardly, only soak the water and keep the floor for a few minutes to be dried.

Step 4:

This is the final step of cleaning the floor tile. If there are some dirtier spills on the floor, use the disinfectant to clean them. Usually, the disinfectant comes with spraying system. Spray the liquid gradually and clean the spills with the fabric that you have used before.

Give more importance to the lines between tile to clean entirely. If possible, arrange of enough air and light to dry the floor.