Internet Safety For Kids – 5 Rules To Follow For Online Safety!

The internet is a dangerous place for kids. Filled with predators and people who flourish under cyber-controlled environment, one can never be too safe when using the internet.

Additionally, this gets worse if you’re a kid. Parents find that very frustrating which is why we’re going to help and outline five rules for you to follow so that your kid can use the internet safely and freely!

  • No social media!

Social media is a fragment of the internet that your kid should have access to only when they pass a particular age that you can mutually agree to. Social media can have a plethora of downsides, which is why it’s mandatory that you instill obedience in this regard from an early age.

  • Block explicit/inappropriate content

Compile a list of websites to block so that there are virtually minimal chances of your child stumbling across something that they’re not supposed to see. This can include pornography, chat boxes, and shopping sites. Anything that you feel that your child should not have access to should be blocked.

  • Install a parental control application

Parental control applications will give you control over virtually everything that your child will do on his tabular or cellular device.

From who they texted to what they searched online, this will give you complete access to what your children are up to and is the first line of defense in case your child does something they’re not supposed to.

  • Clear restriction of posting things online!

Things such as personal address, email accounts, phone numbers, and anything that is personal and private should be a major no.

Communicate to your child that things such as these cannot be posted online under any circumstances. Furthermore, if your child feels the need to post something, they should always consult their parents first.

  • Talk to parents frequently about online activity.

Inculcating this habit in your child will enable them to be more expressive about what they did, and create more synergy which you can use to ensure they are doing okay. You can discuss things like what your child found fascinating on the internet, or what something that they found distressing was.

This is therapeutic and will help your child distinguish right from wrong, and prevent them from repeating the same action all over again.