Top 5 Nail Art Ideas For This Valentines Day

You may have un-polished nails that need attention, or be the owner of some glitzy pink talons throughout the year, no matter what your sport, let’s try something new this Valentine’s Day! Check out these super romantic nail art tutorials for February 2018.

Classic Red

The classic red manicure is perfect for the minimalistic women who have a busy schedule but still wants to look great. You can achieve this classic manual your local salon, buy a simple false nail kit at your nearest chemist, or try and achieve this fabulous look all by yourself.

Start by using a 4 sided nail buffer which will ensure your nails are smooth for a high shine effect. Now you can simply paint the nail varnish on and finish with a clear top coat once the red has dried.

If you want to a little something extra to this style, you can use two different colors to do this. Take a contrasting color (see image) and sweep the brush over the nail starting 2mm away from the cuticle. After this color has dried, take your red varnish and it sweeps over the base color 3mm away from where the contrasting base started.

Sugar Sweet

The sugar sweet manicure will complete any outfit that looks romantic, girly and flirtatious. Start with a pale pink base and let it dry completely. Using free hand or small bits of tape, take a white nail brush and create the white tip. After you are happy with your handy work and the white tip has fully dried, paint your nails all over in glitter to turn an everyday manicure into something really special.

Kissing Lips

The kissing lips design for your nails is the perfect way to style a fun and flirty look this Valentine’s day. Start with a blank canvas of white or very pale pink. Once your canvas has dried, take a nail art pen or use very thin painters brush to draw in the shape of the lips which can be seen in the image provided.

Love Heart

This is a very popular choice for valentines day and is surprisingly simple to do yourself. All you need to do is cut two thin pieces of tape and place each of the pieces at an angle from the border of your nail to meet at the center (see image). The gap that you have created with the tape will be where your love heart comes to a pointed end. Dip your brush in varnish and with the brush, starting at least 3mm from the cuticle, sweep it right down to the bottom of your nail and do the same with the other side.

This will create a beautiful love heart shape that will look fantastic in any typical Valentine’s shades such as red, pink or purple.

Love Notes

Writing love notes or ‘xoxo’s’ are very popular at the moment and can be very easy to do with a nail art pen or by using a very thin painters brush.

You will want to start by picking your colours and then creating a blank base such as white, pale pink, purple or blue for example. Once your base canvas has dried, use your pen or brush to write your designs. The words ‘love’, ‘heart’ or ‘xoxo’s’ are trending at the moment, but stick with ‘xoxo’s’ if you struggle to keep a steady hand.