Are You Ready For A Puppy In Your Home?

The addition of a puppy to your home can completely change your life. It is not easy to bring home a puppy and train them to become a part of your family but they do bring endless moments of joy to our world. Whether this is your first puppy or you have already had one in the past, here is all you need to know to get the puppy on track towards adulthood.

Choosing the right pup

The first step is to choose the best match for your home. A puppy will enter your life and you will feel an instant connection. Sometimes you have to make efforts to go out and find the right puppy for your home. Consider your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a puppy.

Consider whether you want a mixed breed dog or a purebred dog, consider the size of the dog or the grooming requirement and temperament of the dog. You will need to have patience through the process and you will also have to carry out research to find the right pup for your home.

Get the home ready for a new addition

The puppy is a new addition to your family and you will have to get your home ready. Ensure that the home is as safe as possible for all your belongings as well as your puppy. You need to get a view of your home from the perspective of a puppy. You will have to tie electrical cords and keep away all the breakable items.

You will have to ensure that precious items are out of reach of the puppy and keep your shoes in a closed cupboard. Puppies are very curious and you need to secure the lower drawers or cabinets with locks. You might also want to install a pet gate to keep the puppy away from some rooms of the home.

Choose the right type of food

You need to pay special attention to the diet of the puppy. The diet will have an impact on the health and well being of the puppy. Hence, before you decide on the food you want to feed the puppy, you need to do research. You can consult a vet or a pet professional or a fellow dog owner. You should remember that the diet should be chosen keeping the age and breed of the puppy in mind.

You can eventually switch to another food if you feel the need to. You can take your pick from a natural diet or a premium food. If at any point of time you feel that you cannot handle the puppy or you have made a wrong decision, you can sell your little ball of fur to a reliable and caring owner.

Andrew White from Puppy System ( asks why do we spend so much time caring for our puppies and then take a few unthought out minutes to take photos for our advertisement? Pictures are what tell the story of your puppies. It gives the impression of how well the puppies were loved and cared for and how healthy they must be. It will also set a standard for the buyer of the puppy.

Keep the puppy healthy

To ensure that your puppy is in the best of health, you need to find a vet near your home. You will have to take the pet for a general examination and take steps to ensure that it is a good experience for the puppy.

During the first six months of the puppy’s growth, you will have to see a lot of your vet. It will include vaccines and neutering. You will have to care for your dog in the long term and always ensure that you do not miss out on any appointments with the vet.

Puppy vaccinations

Vaccination will protect the puppy from any sort of fatal illness. Puppies need a series of vaccinations which are an important aspect of early life. Routine vaccine visits will allow the vet to see the puppy every couple of weeks and will help monitor the growth and access their overall health and well being.

Take these essential steps before you bring home your puppy so as to ensure that it is a smooth transition phase for the puppy and for the members of your family. Remain patient with the puppy and give it some time to get used to the new family and new surroundings.