4 Signs That It’s Time For Your Root Canal

No one wants to hear the dreaded words “you need a root canal”. There are so many myths and stories about root canals being extremely painful and torturous, that even the suggestion of it makes patients run the other way.

But in actuality, the root canal procedure is performed only after the area around the tooth is numbed using anesthesia. So, at most the patients will only experience a slight discomfort. Moreover, patients are given painkillers and analgesics to overcome the pain for the days after the procedure.

If you’ve been struggling with a painful tooth, then it’s time to make that appointment with the dentist. For those of you who’re still trying to put off the appointment, here are 4 tell-tale signs that you should go in for a root canal right away.

1. Severe Toothache

If you notice a sudden increase in pain when pressure is applied to one of your tooth, it shows that that tooth has begun to decay. You will notice that you can’t chew food in that side of your mouth, or you feel sudden pangs of pain when talking or laughing. While you may be tempted to delay getting it checked by a dentist, this will only cause further harm and damage to your teeth, gums and overall health of your oral hygiene.

2. Swelling Of Gums

Do you find yourself constantly running your tongue over your gums on finding that they’re swollen? Swollen gums are one of the first indicators that there is decay in your mouth. Gums begin to swell due to infections that spread inside. And once the infection starts spreading internally, it can prove to be severely harmful and difficult to treat, causing further complications. So, if you notice such discomfort it’s a sign that you’re due for your dental check-up. Fix a consultation with dePacific.com for a proper diagnosis.

3. Sensitive Tooth

The easiest way to notice if there’s a tooth infection is by consuming hot or cold foods. If you feel an electrifying pain while drinking hot or cold water on one of your teeth, it is because of the cavity that has worsened and spread to the core of your tooth. Leaving it unattended can lead to further spreading of the infection and inability to consume foods painlessly. A root canal will ensure the infections are cleaned out and your tooth is sealed well enough to avoid such severe pain in future.

4. Boil On Gums

If you notice a recurring boil on your gum, then it is a sure sign that your gums are being exposed to plaque, tooth decay and build-up of food particles. Gum boils are equally painful and also the cause of bad breath and build-up of plaque. Only a root-canal will provide a long-term solution to the problem. The faster you address the issue, the faster you will be able to get relief for these unpleasant experiences.

The biggest and most important reason to get that root canal done is to avoid it growing into a bigger problem, affecting your other teeth and your overall health. So, while it may be slightly uncomfortable, get rid of the problem once and for all.