Top 5 Places to Visit in San Francisco

There are different tourist attractions in the USA. One of the most popular city for tourists is the San Francisco city. This is an amazing city of California. The city is located at the tip of a peninsula along the Pacific coasts and Francisco Bay.
Though it is not a big city, you will love it because of the variation of different things. There are several places which you should visit at least once.

However, today I am going to share the list of top 5 places that tourists never miss to visit:

  1. San Francisco’s Chinatown

If you want to visit a Chinese town in the California, San Francisco is the best place. The Chinatown of this city was established in 1840. This is one of the most famous Chinese towns outside of Asia. Many of the Chinese people have settled in this place and they are working in different sectors of the city. If you don’t have an experience of visiting China, this town will let you know the culture of Chinese people. You can also test some Chinese cuisine in this town.

  1. Transamerica Pyramid

Besides other famous icons of San Francisco, this is another tourist attraction. The Pyrmid is located in the heart of the Financial district. The main construction of this architecture was finished in 1972. Height of the Transamerica Pyramid is 260 meters. This is the tallest building of San Francisco. The architect of the pyramid is William L. Pereira. This is an ideal shape of skyscrapers which is offering the benefit of allowing more air and light in the streets below.

  1. Lombard Street

The street is located between the Hyde and Leavenworth streets. This famous street is also known as the “most crooked street in the world”. Though this is not the most crooked street in San Francisco. The main idea of the street was to reduce the hill’s natural steep slope. You can enjoy a test drive in the street. Though the speed limit of the street is only 5 mps, but you will love the place for sure.

  1. Golden Gate Park

The most iconic and famous place of the San Francisco. This is a large urban park with museums, lakes windmills, bison, and a carousel among its many attractions. Its area is 1,017 acres. It will be surprised to know that this park is 20% larger than the New York’s Central Park. There are different things to visit in the parl. You can enjoy a sunny day with beautiful ponds, bridges, plants, and Japanese-style structures. There is also a tea house in the park.

  1. Cable Cars

Want to see around the city? Then you should travel with the cable cars. This car runs in the main street of the city. These cars are for fun ride. If you are visiting the city with your partner, must enjoy the cable cars. But keep in mind that if you want to enjoy the ride in the weekend, you have to wait in a long line.