What is the Shred Diet?

Gaining a huge weight is always easy. But it is so difficult to lose some weight from your body. There are a lot of people around the world with an overweight problem and they are looking for suggestions to reduce the weight.

Though doing physical exercise is the best way to lose weight, but most of the people are not interested in it. Some people don’t have enough time for gym and some people get tired after doing exercises in first few days. So, doctors and dietitians have given different suggestion to lose weight.

One of the popular ways is to take some specific type of food to reduce the body weight. Shred Diet is one of them and people are doing this diet hugely for faster result. However, if you don’t know what is the Shred diet, just read the full article and you will get a clear concept about it.

There are different phases of the diet. There is a four-week meal plan for the person who wants to take a shred meal. The phases are-

Phase one: Foundation

The first step is suggested for one week. Dr. Smith says you need to eat roughly five meals a day. But these meals will be small which will not make your fatty. You must have these meals in every three hours. The spacing between meals is mainly to control the blood sugar level.

The plan helps the person to keep a consistent blood sugar level. If you take large meals, it will spoil the immune system and the metabolism of the body. It also produces a spike in your insulin levels which is a bad signal for the body.

Phase two: Accelerate

After spending the first week, now you will continue the five-meal style in the second week, but in this time, you need to replace one of the small meal with a smoothie or soup. It will accelerate the process of losing weight.

Phase three: Shape

After doing the above two steps, now it is time to getting the proper shape in your body. Week three is the main period when you will notice that your body has started to losing weight. Though you are not going to lose a huge weight in this time, but you will get the benefit of first two weeks.

Phase four: Tenacious

This is the plan of week four. This week is tough for any person and most of the people break their passion in this level. But, if you want the best result, you need to be dedicated and tenacious during this time. You can keep a food journal during your weight loss journey.

It will help you to calculate the food consumption. The journal is an obvious thing for the whole process, as most of the people forget to calculate about some small meals, it will remain you about the calorie which you have taken. You can also read the whole journal as it will work for you as a motivation.