Seven Things To Keep In Mind While Selling Property

The property has been a significant contributor of the economy, since time immemorial. Whether you are a real estate agent or an individual determined to sell a property, you need to know what your customers are precisely looking for. Not all the customers would become buyers. But to know which one would is mastery.

Here is a list of a few things that you should keep in mind before putting up a property for sale:


Evaluating the house or land is the foremost thing that you should start with. Everything has a price, and so do properties. A property’s value depends upon the total area, built up area, amenities, location and how old or recent it is. Each of these things may raise or draw the value of what you are selling. A house well built with ample built-up area and sufficient amenities is likely to be more valued than the one who lacks these.

2.Determining the Age:

The older a property is, the lesser it is valued. Recently built up properties are more valued. This is due to the fact that a newly built house would have a better life than an older one.

3.What is the Condition?

An infested property probably would not even sell or is more likely to be sold at a lesser price than desired. The windows, doors, and furnishings of the house should be well maintained to sell quickly. According to Brian Holcomb from Sac Valley Clean, having freshly clean windows when you show a home to potential buyers can increase the likelihood of receiving an offer.

4.History or Background Check:

A property which has been convicted in the past would be very likely a non-fruitful deal. In general, your customers would be reluctant in buying such a house. Make sure to conduct a background check just to avoid any dispute, neither your customer nor you would like to enter into.

5.Buyer’s Requirements:

You cannot be selling a bungalow to someone who is looking for a condo. They will not entertain the offer. Knowing your customer’s requirements before showing them a house or a piece of land will help you make up which properties will fulfill their needs. This way, there are better chances of receiving a check from your buyers. Knowing your customer is all the way more important for you if you are a real estate agent.

6.Key Documentations:

You need to order all your critical documents at hand if you are to sell a property. This is equally important for both, the individuals and the realtors. Proper documentation is required by law. The most important document is the sale/purchase deed between the seller and the buyer.

7.Hiring an Agent:

For realtors, this is irrelevant. For individuals, hiring a broker or an agent would ease the process. Make sure to clarify a few things beforehand; like, who will be paying for the brokerage-the buyer or the seller. Buyers usually buy properties from licensed realtors as this is safer and more convenient for both the buyers and the sellers.