5 Tips for Buying An Air Hockey Table

Gaming rooms are now becoming a thing with people who have some extra cash laying around and a whole lot of heart for it. Almost every gamer we see has some designated area of the house or a whole room for his gaming setup.

One of the items that people put in their gaming rooms is an air hockey table. You heard it.

Air hockey is one of the most popular gaming activities in indoor gaming over the course of some years and here is how you can select the best air hockey table for you

  • Determine the size

Of course, it matters when it comes to determining the size of the air hockey. You wouldn’t want your table to take up the entire space of the room, or you would not want it so small so that you can fit it in the room that it becomes less fun.

Air hockey tables can range from only a few feet long to almost 8 feet and 3-4 feet wide. For optimal experiences, it is usually recommended to add an extra 36” on each end of the table.

This gives ample room for players to move around as well.

  • Puck sizes

Air hockey comes with two sizes of pucks. There are some tables with small pucks, and some will get large pucks.

Typically, smaller ones are made with cheap construction materials and are therefore targeted for children and small players. Small pucks are light and therefore tend to fly off of the table as well.

  • Side Walls

The side walls are essential when it comes to air hockey. For the post of the game, the puck will be slamming on the sides of the table.

This causes two things. One, the wearing away of the puck itself and two, the wearing away of the side walls. Be sure to keep a lookout for the side walls as well.

  • Manual or Digital

Most tables these days can digitally score the players. This requires an active power connection. However, there are still some manual scoring methods lying around as well.

  • Mallets, pushers

Mallets are used to hit the pucks. Again, the mallet will be hitting the puck more times than the numbers you score.

The key to a good mallet is that it should be light but not too light that always comes off of the table and that it should be of a material that doesn’t wear away easily.