5 Secret Tips That Guarantee Healthy Hair

Anyone can have great hair. You don’t need to be blessed with good genes, provided you are willing to make an effort and are informed about what it takes to have a strong, healthy mop.

1. Maintain a healthy diet

This might not necessarily qualify as a secret, but it is without a doubt the most important point on this list. If you want beautiful, shiny and strong hair, you cannot possibly make it happen without ensuring you have a balanced diet. Certain foods have been proven to be extremely healthy. According to studies, omega-3 fatty acids (the kinds that are found in oily fish such as salmon) are most vital for healthy hair, as are normal proteins.

2. Monitoring hair loss carefully

Most people don’t keep an eye out for the rate at which they are losing hair. Hair fall is not always unhealthy. In fact, everyone loses a small amount of hair every day. However, you should still keep a look out for excessive hair loss. For many, it often goes unnoticed and before they know it, they’ve lost a lot of hair and they must wait out a notable period of time for it to grow back. As soon as you notice unusual hair fall, you should visit a dermatologist to find out if there is anything you should be worried about. Late diagnoses can mean that you delay having beautiful, healthy hair for a long period of time.

3. Use essential and botanical oils frequently

Shampooing your hair is just not enough these days. If you ask just about anyone with gorgeous hair that you have always admired, they will tell you that their secret is the use of oils on a frequent basis. You can get both essential and botanical oils at any supermarket without too much difficulty. The key is to apply as few as 20 drops at any given time, and massage your scalp with the oil so that it spreads evenly. Once the oils are properly spread across your scalp, you should leave it there for at least three-four hours, after which you can take a shower.

4. Use the right kind of shampoo

One of the most detrimental practices you can adopt is using the wrong kind of shampoo on your hair. It is important that you are able to classify your hair into either dry hair, normal hair or oily hair. You should buy shampoo that suits the kind of hair you have. Don’t be reluctant to use anti-hair fall shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo if you feel they are what you need. If they do not solve your problem after a short while, you should visit a dermatologist so that you can get a prescription for a medicinal shampoo.

5. Keep your hair neat and trimmed

You might love having long hair, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it is important, if you wish to have healthy hair, that you are able to keep it neat and tidy. If you can do this with long hair, then go for it. Otherwise, it is recommended that you get your hair trimmed on a regular basis so that it can retain its beauty and fresh look.