5 Ways to Save Money When Travelling Through Italy

Traveling across Europe can be expensive, but there is no dearth of options for budget travelers who’re willing to put in the time and effort to look for affordable alternatives to the usual vacation expenses.

Whether you’re planning your first Italian vacation or revisiting this beautiful country, the following tips will help you save a few hundred dollars while you’re there.

Give the hotels a miss

Travelers to Europe report that a great way to experience the local way of living and also save money on accommodation is to choose alternative staying options such as homestays, bed and breakfast and self-catering vacation rental homes—you’ll find plenty of them across all cities and towns frequented by travelers.

Renting an apartment or room in a downtown neighborhood in expensive cities such as Rome and Venice is a smart way to save on lodging costs, as hotel rooms around the city center can be expensive.

Avoid going during peak summer season

The best time to visit this beautiful country is in spring or autumn, when the major tourist sites are much less crowded, the climate is pleasant and everything is way more affordable. Since ancient sites such as cathedral and museums are open through the year, you don’t run the risk of missing out because it’s off season.

Visit Italy anytime between October and March—you’ll get much better deals on everything from flights to hotels to food to train fare.

Use airport transfer instead of taxi

Booking your airport transfers through a locally based service turns out to be cheaper and more convenient than hiring a taxi, particularly if your destination is a long way from the airport.

Another advantage of pre-booking airport transfer service is that you don’t have to wait in line to get a taxi or worry if your flight is delayed. A professional service provider such as travel-tour-guide.com/get-taxi will ensure to be there when you arrive, even if it’s late into the night.

Save money on sundry expenses

Opt to stand at a local café or bar—sitting at a table could cost you nearly twice as much. Avoid buying water and use the free water fountains to fill your own bottle. Purchase a prepaid sim card on your first day, and, lastly, visit the local bars during happy hours and you might just be treated with a free buffet.

Stay in the outskirts

Anyone who’s going to Italy for the first time wants to visit the tourist hubs of Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence. Staying and eating in these cities can be expensive, which is why many budget travelers choose to stay on the outskirts from where they can easily commute to the city using local transport.

In fact, taking the slow local train to the city is an experience in itself, and an affordable one at that. Staying outside of the city also gives you a chance to avoid crowds of tourists, taste genuine local food and experience Italian hospitality at its slowest best.