5 Types of Makeup Brushes and What They Are Used For

To look beautiful is every woman’s dream regardless of her age. Though there are several essential things to enhance your looks and different makeup brushes is one of them. There are numerous types of brushes that can be used to get that glow on your face and each has a different functionality and use. As far as the quality of these brushes is concerned, these are of two types.

One is the natural/animal hair and the other one is synthetic. The difference between the two is their use and maintenance of course. The natural hair brush needs high maintenance than the other one as it is made up of all real hair. These are better used to apply powders as compared to the synthetic ones. The synthetic brushes are used for liquid formulas.

Mentioned below are Different Brushes and their Use:

Foundation Brush – For a Flawless Complexion

Give that ideal and long-lasting finish to your foundation by making use of a foundation brush. It is used to apply foundation and works well with all foundation types including liquid, cream, and powder. It’s designed with all its bristles tightly packed. The tip of these kinds of brushes is usually tapered to make it easy for fluid applications. This is a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

Eye Shadow Brush – Let Your Eyes Speak

For Gorgeous Eyes, eyeshadow brushes are quite a mandatory tool. These brushes are teeming with bristles for a smoother application and perfect coverage. These are just right for eyeshadow application as it absorbs the right amount of color. It smoothly sweeps across without dragging the eyelid and adds a perfect finish to your eyes.

Lip Brush –For Glossy Lips

Make your lips shine by using the best of the lip brush. This one is a perfect makeup component which adds glamour to your beauty. These brushes have a carved shaped which is ideal to give that perfect finished outline to your lips. Lip brushes are used to apply the kind of lip shade you want in a perfect and controlled way. The lip color can be applied with ease and it also offers a perfect blend to the edges.

Blusher Brush – For Sparkling Cheeks

A professional makeup is always incomplete without this makeup module. The blusher brush is used for adding radiance to your cheeks. It is round-headed for a uniform application of color. Dip it in the shade you want and sweep it along your cheekbone to get your cheek apples enhanced. Blusher brush should always be used starting from your cheekbone drawing it up into your hairline.

Powder Brush – For a Glowing Shine

This fabulous makeup tool is made up of synthetic bristles and is used for applying compact and loose mineral powders. A powder brush is rounded and soft for an even powder application all over. The bristles merge flawlessly onto your skin. Before applying you must shake away the excess powder before sweeping it on your skin.

So, get ready for any occasion with the help of these essential makeup brushes and achieve the desired look.