How to Unlock Mobile Phone Through a Paid Service

Many people in the world do not have any idea of unlocking mobile phones. Moreover, some people also become panicked. But there is nothing to worry. In most of the cases, mobile locks are there to protect your device from hacking.

There are two types of common mobile locks. One is bootloader lock, and the other one is SIM lock. The boot loader lock protects the device from unauthorized changes in the mobile apps. The later allows only certain network services on your mobile.

Ways to Unlock Phone Through Paid Service

In this write-up, I will discuss unlocking mobile phones. Sometimes, it is difficult to do own-self. Hence, you will require the paid services. The ways to unlock mobile phones using paid services are as follows:

Selection of Service Provider

First of all, you will have to find out the right service providers. For this, you should inquire about them. Also, you may collect information about how experienced they are. Usually, the network companies sell the unlocking codes to the licensed service providers.
Hence, you should try to know if the company is licensed or not. Moreover, you may take services from shops or online. But the online services are simple and rapid.

Providing Information to the Service Provider

Secondly, you have o log into the service provider’s website. Before that, you will have to know your phone’s 15 or 17 digit IMEI number. You can know it by typing *#06#. Also, it is very easy. After that, you have to put the name of the producer, model, locked country, carrier, and the IMEI number on the website. Such information is required to find out the right IMEI unlock phone codes for mobiles.
However, if you give a wrong IMEI code, you will get the wrong code. If you put an incorrect code for several times in your phone, it may become locked permanently. So, you have to be careful in this case.

Making Payment

Thirdly, you have to make the payment to the service provider. After putting the above information, you will have to make the payment following a link. The payment options usually include via credit cards like Amex, PayPal, and Master card. Remember, you must have sufficient balance in the account.
Otherwise, you will not get the code. Also, you must inquire about the security of the payment system and the reliability of the site. For this, you must read reviews and contact with the experienced people.

Unlocking the Phone

Finally, they will forward your phone’s information to the producer. After checking the information, you the producer will send the service provider the appropriate code and instruction for unlocking. After that, you will get the mail from the service providing containing the code and the instruction.
The next process is simple. You just have to switch on your phone with a different SIM and put the unlock code. Moreover, the process is same in the case of the unlocking boot loader.

In conclusion, it is better to take professional or paid services to unlock SIM or Boot Loader. Moreover, the above steps helped me significantly in my case.