What To Give a Cat With Upset Stomach?

If you have a cat, you should be prepared to deal with vomiting and diarrhea; it is an unfortunate aspect of pet ownership. Felines are extremely likely to get stomach illnesses; these conditions often cause cats to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting.

In felines, the upset stomach is a frequently occurring medical illness. It can arise from many things such as food allergens, the consumption of food too rapidly, eating spoiled and inappropriate foodstuffs, the presence of worms in the intestines, toxins, and hairballs.

Sometimes, cats will occasionally vomit as a normal reaction. In this case, there is no reason for worry. Nevertheless, pet owners can take several actions to make sure their cats have speedy recoveries after suffering from upset stomachs.

You should take your cat to the vet if it suffers from vomiting and diarrhea for more than a couple of days. The visit is necessary to eliminate more severe conditions such as organ problems like hyperthyroidism and kidney failure, parasites such as clostridium overgrowth and Giardia, and various diseases like feline panleukopenia.

When you are treating a cat with an upset stomach, these supplies can come in handy: chicken (boiled), rice, and clean water. As a general rule, the care steps below should be followed to treat a cat with an upset stomach.

Step #1

If your pet is repeatedly experiencing diarrhea or has been vomiting for an extended period of time or has an abdomen that is swollen, then a trip to the vet is in order. Your vet may ask for a sample of your cat’s vomit so that it can be analyzed for treatment. If the vomiting and diarrhea occurs only once, then you should not go to the doctor but instead, follow the instructions below.

Step #2

For twenty-four hours, only give your cat clean water to drink; no food. Going without food for this period of time will allow the stomach to rest and recover. This step is not suitable for kittens though because they should be fed six times a day, evenly spread throughout a twenty-four hour period.

Step #3

After your cat has gone an entire day without food it can be fed a tiny amount of the boiled chicken with a bit of rice.

Step #4

If after a few hours have passed, your cat has responded favorably to the rice and chicken, you can give it more of the same. Then over time, you can slowly begin to give your cat its regular food again.

Step #5

Visit a vet if the cat does not seem to be better after one day.